Ok I still play graal but don’t get the wrong idea, I don’t do GFX anymore. I just feel like I need to state something because literally it bothers me that much some of you people are like this. So lets say you like a head or body or something and you want to maybe edit it a little. So you decide to change the eye color or maybe change the color of the bow on a body or something along those lines. Hmmm lets see since i put in literally 1 minute of work lets put my watermark on it. Just stop, omfg just stop you’re sick, you’re not even a real GFX artist if you do that. If you’re going to do a freaking Re-color or change something small don’t even bother putting your watermark on it because you’re ignorant. So freaking ignorant, I do agree I’m guilty of doing really stupid edits and recolors But I don’t freaking slap my watermark on it. Who in the actual hell in their right mind thinks it’s ok to just do something like that?

I’ve seen it happen plenty of times with a few of my heads and multiple times with my school girl body and by the way, just because I don’t do gfx doesn’t give you the right not give credit you little crusty gremlins so please be respectful. This happens to many other artists as well so if you mind actually getting skill rather than doing 2 minute edits that would be great.

Bottom Line is, please please PLEASE know when it is appropriate to add a watermark unless you add huge details and completely change many things please don’t add a watermark.

Hate to make one of these crusty rant posts but I was bit angry and felt like this needed to be addressed, Stay Kawaii~ Plushy K.

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So i scored the second highest in my bio-medical class so! to celebrate today I did a minor edit I DID NOT make the head I just thought it would go nicely with the body :3

Credits got o Xan for the head and I’m unsure who make the body but I think it was Lucy gfx :3 Enjoy!


Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 5.46.21 PM


Stay Kawaii~


Soooo someone told me that my Rainbow Scarf body would load up a different body instead  also, There was a minor error on my School girl sweater body so hopefully both of these problems a fixed by now 🙂

If there is anything else that’s messed up or anything be sure to let me know! My iPad officially gave out so I can’t get on Kik anymore. SO if you find anything wrong with my gfx  or something isn’t working be sure to comment on the page “Problems” 🙂

I once again apologize for being super inactive it’s just It’s hard to stay committed to gfx when I’m not even that experienced and I don’t play graal anymore.

Walking Alpaca

Stay Kawaii!



I noticed an increase in activity although it took the website out of my bio… Avoid any impostors that may be pretending to be me… my name in game is Sveta and I’m the leader of the guild Alpaca… Please don’t give other people credit for my work…

On a more positive note School is ending soon~


Have a good evening, morning, or afternoon everyone~ Stay Kawaii!


Today i’m stuck between two characters I wanna make customs of… Star  from Star vs the forces of evil OR Mabel from gravity falls

*SIDE NOTE* If I do either of the customs they will come complete with a head and a body just so you know lol…

Since the polls for some weird reason don’t work with my site message me on @Plushy Kitten on Graal Classic I’m in Kawaii Nation as of now so pm me what you think ;3

Mabel & Star.jpg

Stay Kawaii my Alpacas!